Evergreen Developments Group

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Established in 2003, Evergreen Developments Group specialises in creating refined luxury properties in prime locations across North Cyprus.

Evergreen has delivered over 2000 properties within 33 quality developments and more exciting projects to come with over 1900 units in next five years consisting of bungalows, villas and apartments on the North Coast of Cyprus, to the East & West of Kyrenia City.

As pioneers in property development in North Cyprus, Evergreen provides an unmatched lifestyle experience with its spas, wellness centres, a la carte restaurants, beach bars, surf schools, nature trails, and unsurpassed management and leasing programs.

Offering vast selection and style within captivating scenery, Evergreen Developments Group has been referred to as the “pioneers of Northern Cyprus property development”. With over 12 projects of apartments, penthouses and private villas in the hottest spots of North Cyprus, we specialize in stylish design, high quality build, and unique selection of onsite amenities for ensuring quality of life and a smart property investment.

Choosing the right property at the right time is the key to a wise investment. Whether it is an apartment, penthouse or private villa on the sea or in the mountains, Evergreen has the widest range of property options in the most prime locations of the magical island of Cyprus.