ATA Recycling Scheme

The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus is proud to help and contribute to the benefit of the environment by collecting and recycling plastic bottle tops.

Instigated by past association chairman Peal Mitchell and continued on by successive chairmen since, the association collects plastic bottle tops (whilst blue bottle tops are preferred, the ATA accepts plastic bottle tops of any colour) which it then converts into much needed items for the less fortunate amongst those in Northern Cyprus through the TRNC bottle top recycling initiative.

June 2022 Ҫatalköy Primary School donating bottle tops

PLEASE help the association recycling scheme by donating your used plastic bottle tops to help the association provide items such as wheelchairs to those in need.

Whilst Blue plastic bottle tops are preferred, any other coloured plastic bottle tops are also acceptable.

Why Recycle; Recycling plastic means reduced quantum of plastic waste. This in turn reduces pollution and saves a lot of animal species crucial to the food chain. Manufacturing of plastic from scratch requires much more energy compared to producing products from recycled plastic. Plastic Recycling helps to reduce energy usage, it reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials, it reduces the water pollution and air pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for conventional waste disposal and it reduces greenhouse gases emissions.

Don’t throw your plastic bottle tops into the rubbish, do something constructive with them, by donating them to our association and thereby do your little bit for the environment.

Whilst Blue plastic bottle tops are preferred, any other coloured plastic bottle tops are also acceptable.

As a direct result of the association’s Recycling Scheme for plastic bottle tops, the association regularly presents the Orthopaedic Disabled Association (ODA) in Lefkoşa with wheelchairs.

Between us ALL lets each and every one of us try and do something positive for the future not only of our planet but for those that follow on after us. Do your little bit today – save your plastic bottle tops and donate them to our association!

In 2021 Creditwest Bank assisted the association by giving it 6 bottle top collection boxes and in 2022 a further 6 collection boxes. These can be found in its branches at Alsancak, Ҫatalköy and Girne, plus in the following businesses; Gloria Jean’s Coffee Shop in Alsancak, Black Olive Cafe & Studio in Alsancak, the Olive Press Bowls Club in Lapta, Tekin Adalı Spor Tesisis in Lapta, Passo Ristorante in Lefkoşa, Balti House in Esentepe, Tawny’s Bar in Küçük Erenköy, Royal Rafters Indian Bar & Restaurant in Ozanköy, Joya Bar & Restaurant Aphrodite Beachfront in Güzelyurt.

The association is grateful for their ongoing help with the ATA Recycling Scheme from all the afore business, in particular Creditwest Bank, along with all the businesses where the associations own collection boxes are located.

The associations own bottle top collection boxes

Current Association Chairman, Philip Lloyd, said “If we all do the little act of saving the plastic bottle tops from all the bottled water we buy, and then by donating them to our association, everybody can rightly claim to be not only doing something positive in helping our environment improve but also know that the little act they have done will also help the disabled amongst us as well”.The ATA’s successful Bottle Top Recycling Scheme has been re-vamped, with members of the public now able to donate their own plastic bottle tops to the ATA’s recycling scheme at numerous locations across Northern Cyprus, plus in the future at other locations as this initiative evolves.

Your plastic bottle tops can be donated at any of the following locations