Charity Projects

Current Project 

Lapta Medical Centre

The ATA have donated to the Lapta Medical Centre, on behalf of its members, measuring equipment to monitor the growth of babies to young children. This essential equipment was much appreciated by the doctors and staff of the centre.

ATA donates to Lapta Medical Centre

Previous Projects

S.O.S Children’s Village

We are pleased to inform you that once again the committee, on your behalf, have presented a cheque for 1000TL to the S.O.S Children’s Village

Donation To Şht. Hasan Cafer İlkokulu


On Monday 24th October, on your behalf, Jewel Pearce and I as committee members, presented 30 book sets of Footprints 1,2,3 (English tutorial books) and 2 CD/Tape players and Elementary level CDs to the teachers and children of Şht. Hasan Cafer İlkokulu.
This was in response to a request from the school to supply English learning material to children where the families are unable to pay for the books themselves.
Additionally the school would much appreciate any donations of Story books (in English) suitable for the 7 to 11 age groups. Please contact a member of the committee if you are able to provide such books.

Covered Play Area for Children’s Home in Lefkoşa

Construction of Covered Play Area at Children's Home

Evening of Music for Cancer related charities


All of the proceeds from the Evening of Music held on the 29th May were donated equally between two Cancer related charities (KAV) Kanser Araştırma Vakfı and Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) each receiving 1055TL.

Music for the evening was provided free by The Girne Municipality Childrens Choir, The Kyrenis Chamber Choir and The Chamber Trio (Mine Sadrazam, Eran Raman and Oskay Hoca).

The Girne Belediyesi provided the venue free of charge.

Older projects

The following is a representative though not complete list of benefits the Association has provided over the years.

  • Special cabinets for the storage of some of the State Archives and also Kitchener Maps
  • Redecorated and refurbished a surgical recovery room at Lefkoşa State Hospital
  • A Dispensary at the Girne Hospital
  • Books and bookcases for all the primary Schools in the Girne area
  • Created and equipped a computer classroom with 7 networked computers at a school in Alaniçi Gazi Mağusa
  • The European Premier of the Turkish film “Atatürk” was arranged and sponsored by the Association
  • Ongoing support for a house at the SOS village
  • Funds and Equipment for the Mentally Handicapped Children’s Home in Karakum
  • Provided uniforms for schools and National Dance Teams
  • English and Turkish language classes, not only for members but also members of the public who wish to lead a more participatory life amongst the local communities
  • Funding the establishing of a diabetic unit at Girne Hospital
  • Covered play area for a home for abused and homeless children in Lefkoşa is currently being finalised

This year we would like to focus our attentions on an environmental project. This potentially is quite a wide ranging topic and therefore we would propose to narrow the scope down to the specific area of “litter”. We consider the most appropriate way for us to make such a project effective is to concentrate on the younger members of the community initially. Specifically we would direct the project to educating school children on the importance of a clean and tidy environment, which they will one day inherit.