The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone

One of our Association aims is to provide assistance (Charity) to deserving causes in our local community. Should you know of, or consider your-self, to be such a deserving cause to receive our assistance we welcome your enquiry using the contact form that can be found on this website.

Our 2020 Main Charity Project was a Major Refurbishment of the Activity Room at the Mentally Handicapped & Special Needs Children’s School in Karakum

Some of the Recent Projects we have given assistance to include: –

SOS Children’s Home, Girne helped by the ATA

On behalf of an anonymous Anglo Turkish Association (ATA) member, the ATA Chairman Philip Lloyd, presented Çağan Ulusof of the SOS Çocuk Köyü, Girne, with a 46” LED smart television.

The ATA has supported the SOS Çocuk Köyü in Lefkoşa & Girne for a number of years and according to Çağan ‘the presentation of the television will enable those children at the home to enjoy their social time to an even greater amount than they already do’. Further commenting “on behalf of all the children in the home, we thank the ATA for being such a kind-hearted association”.

The anonymous ATA member said that ‘they were pleased to be able to give a gift of a new large screen television to these children, who through no fault of their own find themselves in difficult circumstances’.

Mustafa Çağatay Primary School, Girne

Anglo Turkish Association (ATA) Chairman Philip Lloyd and Treasurer Tim Morgan presented English Language learning books to Sait Coşaner, Headmaster of Mustafa Çağatay Primary School in Girne following the schools request for help.

Mr Coşaner said his school and in particular the children of the school can’t thank the ATA enough for this generous gift, adding ‘now every child in the school will have a new book to help them learn the English language, the school’s pupils will forever remember who helped them learn to read, write and speak English’. Sentiments issued by the children as they thanked Philip and Tim in their own unique way of hand clapping and waves as Philip and Tim left the school.

4K Koop Women’s Farming Co-operative

The 4K Koop Woman’s Farming Co-operative (4K Koop) has been presented with a refrigerated food display unit by the Anglo Turkish Association

Deniz Solyali, Chairman of 4K Koop (the only all-female co-operative in Northern Cyprus), was full of praise for the ATA saying ‘our co-operative is only just over a year old and our woman farmers sell their produce from a shop in Lefke, but we only have a table to sell the fruit and vegetables we grow. With this refrigerated food display unit, we will now be able to start making and selling a bigger variety of items. We can’t thank the ATA enough for this wonderful gift. I’d been told the ATA help good causes, when l approached them for help l didn’t think for one minute that they would be so receptive to my co-operative’s request, but here we are today as the proud owners of a new refrigerated food display unit. Thank you ATA’.

4K Koop is a co-operative of women farmers across the TRNC who through miss-fortune run their own farms producing all types of produce in accordance with certified organic principals.

Pictured either side of the refrigerated unit (L to R) are Ayşe Özgüven (supplier), Deniz Solvali (4K Koop), Hatice Kerimgil (ATA), Tim Morgan (ATA) and Bayram Özgüven (supplier)

Orthopaedic Disabled Association

The Orthopaedic Disabled Association in Lefkoşa regularly receives wheelchairs from the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus following the associations ‘Blue Bottle Top collection campaign’ which enables old blue bottle tops to be exchanged for new wheelchairs.

ATA Chairman, Philip Lloyd presented another wheelchair and more plastic bottle tops which in-turn will be recycled to provide even more wheelchairs for the Orthopaedic Disability Association (ODA) in Lefkoşa. Günay Kibrit (ODA president) thanked ATA Chairman Philip Lloyd for all help the ATA gives to his association. Saying ‘year after year it keeps on surprising me how generous the ATA are in helping my association and today is just another example’, adding ‘l understand that there are 40 plus business’s collecting bottle tops for the ATA – to all of them l say a big thank you, please keep collecting!’Sentiments also echoed by Philip.

More plastic blue bottle tops and another wheelchair presented to the Orthopaedic Disability Association (ODA) in Lefkoşa. Günay Kibrit (ODA president) thanked ATA Chairman Philip Lloyd (on right) for all help the ATA gives to his association, adding that ‘he has lost count of the number of wheelchairs the ATA has given the ODA over the last few years and can’t thank enough those business’s and individuals who actively support the ATA’s recycling scheme for plastic blue bottle tops’.

(LEFT) Philip Lloyd of the ATA presenting a wheelchair and plastic bottle tops to the Orthopaedic Disability Association (ODA) in Lefkoşa, (RIGHT) Gülter Kuran of the ATA (on right) presenting plastic blue bottle tops and a wheelchair to the Orthopaedic Disability Association (ODA) in Lefkoşa. Günay Kibrit (ODA president) said he was so grateful for the ATA in helping his association be able to give assistance to those in need, and hoped the ATA’s plastic blue bottle top recycling scheme proves a great success!

Lapta Secondary School

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus has presented Lapta Secondary School with computers

Headmistress of Lapta Secondary School, Nurgen Konnolu Tosun was surprised when the ATA turned up in answer to a request for computers for its students. Nurgen who is full of praise for the ATA said ‘unbeknown to me the school’s IT teacher asked the ATA if it would provide some much-needed computer equipment, to say l am surprised at the kindness of the ATA in answering our needs so quickly shows what a wonderful caring association they are. These two computers with all the latest software are so welcome and our students will be excited when they see them. After experiencing the generosity of the ATA, l ask everyone to help support the ATA whenever they seek help themselves’.

Ҫatalköy Primary School

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus has presented Ҫatalköy Primary School with a table tennis table.

Headmaster of Ҫatalköy Primary School, Uğur Çınar thanked the ATA for the donation of a table tennis table, saying ‘pupils will learn so many skills from playing table tennis – eye and hand co-ordination, team work, competitiveness, counting and lots more. Further commenting, ‘when we heard the ATA help local schools, we asked them if they could give us a table tennis table, and were delighted when they said – yes. On behalf of all the pupils and teachers, Thank you, Thank you, Thank You ATA’

Lapta Secondary School

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus has presented Lapta Secondary School with graduation gowns and mortar hats.

Headmistress of Lapta Secondary School, Nurgen Konnolu Tosan was full of praise for the ATA saying ‘because our school and pupils’ families are financially struggling, we asked the ATA if it would help our students look as smart as other schools, and have been blown away by their willingness to help and the speed of which they have supplied new graduation outfits for our pupils. On graduation day our pupils will now look the best in the TRNC – on behalf of the school, our pupils and their parents, thank you ATA’.

Cyprus Turkish Multiple Sclerosis Association

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus has presented the Cyprus Turkish Multiple Sclerosis Association (MSA) with a computer for their new offices in Lefkoşa.

The MSA currently helps 400 Turkish Cypriots who have Multiple Sclerosis and on 1st June opens its first ever office, meeting and activity rooms in Lefkoşa. Which according to their Chairman Sibel Hancerli will enable the association to provide people with Multiple Sclerosis the levels of help and assistance they deserve, and on behalf of her association thanked the ATA for such a generous donation.

Karakum Special Needs Children’s School

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus undertook a major refurbishment of the school’s activity room (both interior and exterior, including dam-proofing walls, re-wiring electrics, installing new windows, painting, etc), constructed a covered walkway and also toilet facilities, plus upgraded the fitness and education play apparatus. This essential work was much appreciated by the children and staff of the school.


St Lucas Church, Lefkoşa, which is going to be used as a children’s/youth centre, received 2 air condition units and a camera surveillance system.

In Girne hand railings were installed in the middle of the steps descending from the main centre to the harbour.

In Lefkoşa the Mevlevi Tekke fountain was turned into a flower bed and more benches were provided all over the Selimiye area.

Toilets at Lapta Primary School were renewed.

Planted a Forest in the foothills beneath the Taskent Animal Sanctuary & Giant Flag

Examples of other Past Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus supported Projects are: –

Neolithic Çiftlikdüzü “Archaeopark” project at Tatlisu

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus has provided annually financial funding for the excavation and Neolithic Archaeopark reconstruction

Lapta Medical Centre

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus donated measuring equipment to monitor the growth of babies to young children. This essential equipment was much appreciated by the doctors and staff of the Lapta Medical Centre.

Şht. Hasan Cafer İlkokulu

30 book sets of Footprints 1,2,3 (English tutorial books), 2 CD/Tape players and Elementary level CDs were presented to the teachers and children of Şht. Hasan Cafer İlkokulu.  This will enable the school to supply English learning material to children where the families are unable to pay for the books themselves.

Covered Play Area for a Children’s Home in Lefkoşa

  • Support for the S.O.S Children’s Village
  • Evening of Music by The Girne Municipality Children’s Choir, The Kyrenia Chamber Choir and The Chamber Trio for (KAV) Kanser Araştırma Vakfı and Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).
  • Special storage cabinets for the State Archives and also Kitchener Maps
  • Redecorated and refurbished a surgical recovery room at Lefkoşa State Hospital
  • A Dispensary at the Girne Hospital
  • Books and bookcases for all the primary Schools in the Girne area
  • Created and equipped a computer classroom with 7 networked computers at a school in Alaniçi Gazi Mağusa
  • The European Premier of the Turkish film “Atatürk” was arranged and sponsored by the Association
  • Funds and Equipment for the Mentally Handicapped Children’s Home in Karakum
  • Provided uniforms for schools and National Dance Teams
  • English and Turkish language classes for those wishing to lead a more participatory life amongst the local communities
  • Funding the establishing of a diabetic unit at Girne Hospital