2020 News

The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone

30/11/2020 Wheelchair presented by Association

28/11/2020 Weekend Press (School Handover Ceremony)

26/11/2020 School Handover Ceremony

13/11/2020 Friday 13th Good News

15/09/2020 Cancelled Events September & October

12/09/2020 Table Top Sale Event Cancelled

12/08/2020 Appeal on behalf of Julie Sutton

08/08/2020 Main Charity Fundraising Event – items wanted

06/08/2020 Work progressing at the Special Needs Children’s School in Karakum

24/07/2020 Work starts on site at the Special Needs Children’s School in Karakum

15/07/2020 Fundraising Appeal Update

09/07/2020 Steve Brady

05/07/2020 Residency Visa Help Offered

01/07/2020 Fundraising Appeal update

03/06/2020 Latest edition of the TREE Newsletter

28/05/2020 our Fundraising Appeal is on leading social Media Sites

26/05/2020 Our Association Fundraising Appeal is Front Page in the News

23/05/2020 Association now has a Facebook Page as well as a Facebook Group

23/05/2020 Fund Raising Appeal Launched

18/05/2020 Repatriation Flight

01/05/2020 Cancellation of Events & Social (lunchtime) Gatherings

27/04/2020 New Email Addresses

09/04/2020 Tulips say Thank you

08/04/2020 Donations

01/04/2020 Cancellation of Events & Social (lunchtime) Gatherings plus Tour News

17/03/2020 Association Honorary President named

15/03/2020 Coronavirus-19 update (2)

14/03/2020 Coronavirus-19 update (1)

14/03/2020 Cancellation of Events & Social (lunchtime) Gatherings plus Tour News

12/03/2020 Coronaviris -19

08/03/2020 AGM

29/02/2020 LGC News lead story

24/02/2020 Jackie Kirk Sad News

20/02/2020 Jackie Kirk Appeal

17/02/2020 Front Page News

13/02/2020 UK Event

10/02/2020 Harry Fellows Update

10/02/2020 LGC News

06/02/2020 CyprusScene Newspaper

06/02/2020 Harry Fellows needs your Help — Your Blood

26/01/2020 Bayrak Radio

11/01/2020 New Date for DEPOSIT PAYMENT
Diyabakir / Mardin

11/01/2020 Kate Fellows Funeral arrangements

09/01/2020 Sad News about Kate Fellows

04/01/2020 Cyprus Today Newspaper

03/01/2020 Update on Kate Fellows Blood Appeal