“Dowsing for Health” – A talk by Rob Vardy – March 2015

45 people attended this interesting and informative talk about ‘Dowsing for Health’ and formed a lively and interactive audience.

Pearl Mitchell introduced Rob to the audience with a summary of how his interest in the subject of dowsing started.

Rob was working as an engineer with De Havilland Aircraft Company when they were introducing a revolutionary procedure to test stresses in aircraft structures by immersing the aircraft in a huge tank of water in order to cushion and contain any possible fractures.

The local water authority refused to allow the domestic water supply to be used for this purpose but granted the company a licence to drill an artesian well on the site.

The company hired a dowser and Rob accompanied him on his survey of the airfield. Fascinated by the man’s skills, Rob asked if he could try and was excited to find that he had the skill.

Years of practice followed in the UK, Canada and Cyprus.

While researching the subject he discovered the varied aspects and applications of dowsing. He has dowsed for water, electricity cables, septic tank perimeters, lost items, bodies, historical sites, spirits and now health.

Health was the focus of today’s talk with allergies and general medical conditions being the two sub-topics.

After a shy start, three people from the audience volunteered themselves for the dowsing process and all remarked on the accuracy of his findings.

Rob gave some verbal examples of his work and some of those were verified by members of the audience while others told their personal experiences of Rob’s work.

Two important points were made. First, the dowsing rods are not language specific and no matter which language is used the results will be the same.

Second, the rods will only indicate the condition at the present time and cannot prescribe or tell the future.

An hour proved too short for this very interesting subject and because of the interest shown, Rob offered to do a one day training course as a follow on from today.

14 people stayed to have lunch and a total of 677TL was raised towards our project funds.