Yerel Hizmetler/Local Services

The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone

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Community Notice Board

Situated in the Girne Post Office car park our Association maintains and provides a Notice Board for use by Girne based charity organisations and associations, plus the general public. Information on our Association can also be found on it.


Kyrenia Society Library (locally known as the English or British Library), Girne – behind the main post office in Girne; tel +90 392 815 6478

Near East University Grand Library, Lefkoşa; tel +90 392 223 6464 xt 536

Order online from UK Companies with delivery to Northern Cyprus

Telephone: 0533 820 20 64

Do you want to order online from the UK ie. Amazon – Ebay? Orders can be delivered to the south in a matter of days. From there we will pick it up and bring it to you over in North for a small fee.

International Parcel Mail / Uluslararasi Paket Posta

DHL (TRNC Main Office) – EHS Erhun Ltd, 22 Sokak No:6 Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Lefkoşa. Tel: 0392 444 0505

DHL (Agents Office) – First Call Estate Agents, Sht Zeka adil Caddesi, Kamuran Apt Dukkan-2, Catalkoy (opposite the old Bow Thai Restaurant, on the Malpas Hotel turning). Tel: 0533 848 6490

DHL (Passport Documents Only Office) – Dağlı Sigorta, Orhan Barut Sokak, Karaoglanoglu. Tel: 0533 330 0900

Telephone No: 0548 872 9003
Gulhan Apt, Ground Floor No:1 Uner Ulutug Sok, Küçükkaymaklı, Lefkoşa 

UK -TRNC – UK Transport Services

Telephone No: 0533 859 3232

Telephone: 0392 444 1031

Telephone (UK): 0208 804 7700

Ercan Airport Bus Service

Ercan Airport Bus & Shuttle Company

Kıbhas is the Ercan Airport Bus company that do scheduled bus transfers from Ercan Airport to and from city centres in Northern Cyprus. It does not go to any hotel address or any other points from their bus stop locations.They do scheduled bus shuttle to city centres in;

Ercan Airport Office Telephone No: 0533 870 78 48

Girne Office Telephone No: 0533 870 78 46

Lefkoşa Office Telephone No: 0533 870 78 45

Gazi Mağusa Office Telephone No: 0533 870 78 47

Lefke Office telephone No: 0533 870 78 49

Güzelyurt Office Telephone No: 0533 870 78 49

Ercan Airport Taxi Service

Telephone: 0533 877 63 78

Telephone (UK): 0772 717 3675

Telephone No: 533 865 63 05

Cemetery / Mezarlık — Deaths / ölüm hali

The British Cemetery Committee Telephone: 0542 874 2355 Webpage: the-british-cemeteries-committee See our Download Page for information on what to do in the event of a death

Blood Donner Register & Advice

Wildlife Rescue & Visitor Centre + Countryside Park