Who are the ATA & what do they do

The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone

Who are the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus? What do we do?

The association is one of the oldest in Northern Cyprus, founded in the 1980’s

The association is both Non-Political and Non-Religious

The original aim of the association is still at the core of today’s association; Bringing Turkish Cypriots and Expats together through ‘Cultural Activities’ for the benefit of Local Good Causes in Northern Cyprus

The association currently comprises of British, Turkish Cypriots, Turkish, Scandinavian, Canadian, American, Russian, New Zealand, Australian, Dutch, German, Indian, and Bangladesh members, although most are either British or Turkish Cypriots

Association members come from all walks of life and all professions/vocations including Turkish Cypriot, British and American household names

Association Chairmen rotate every 3 years between that of being a Turkish Cypriot and an Expat. The association committee comprises of an equal number of both Turkish Cypriots and Expats

The association holds weekly drop-in clinics offering advice and assistance on association and/or local issues at various locations for both members and non-members

The association holds a monthly lunch or evening meal for both members and non-members

The association holds at least 1 monthly activity of a cultural nature for both members and non-members

The association undertakes 4 – 5 foreign trips of a cultural nature a year to Turkey or surrounding Countries for both members and non-members

Recently the association has completed a major refurbishment of the Karakum Special Needs Children’s School, provided the Orthopaedic Disabled Association with a new wheelchair. Planted a Forest and supported many other local good causes (details of all can be viewed on the association website) including financially helping local charities in financial problems during the TRNC Government Coronavirus-19 lock-down

The association annually funds a home at the SOS Children’s Village in Lefkoşa and the excavation and reconstruction of the Neolithic Çiftlikdüzü “Archaeopark” project at Tatlısu

Information on some of the previous good causes helped by the association can be viewed on the association website

The association is actively involved in protecting the environment through its recycling scheme details can be viewed on the association website

The association provides its members with a useful Discount Providers scheme

The association regularly appears on TV & Radio, in Newspapers & On-line Press, plus Social Media Worldwide The association has a regularly updated informative Website, Facebook Group and Facebook Page. The website contains direct web-links to numerous organisations/service providers including TRNC Government Departments, Regional District Council’s and Local Council’s plus other useful everyday information

Bringing EXPATS & TURKISH CYPRIOTS together through cultural activities to support local community projects

View the appropriate page on our website for more details about our activities and other information on our Association including