Honorary President & Members

The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone

Current Honorary President of our Association is: –

Erbil Arkin

Founder of the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCD)

Chairman of the Arkin Group of Companies

(Colony Hotel – Palm Beach Hotel – Hersham Golf Club – The House & Garden – Daima Yachting – Cyprus Sporting Clubs – Colony Casino – Palm Beach Casino – Angola BetArena – BetArena Mozambique – Bangui BetArena C.A.R. – TT BetArean Trinidad & Tobago – Bet Arean Zambia – Arkin Pruva Yachts –  Arkin Messe Touristic)

Current Honorary Vice Presidents of our Association are: –

Harry Fellows

Gulter Kuran

Current Honorary Members of our Association are: –

Audrey Ellison

Harry Fellows

Gülter Kuran

Pearl Mitchell

Behiye Muftuzade

Hakki Muftuzade

Hakki Atun

Dr. Latife Birgen

Viscount Hanworth (David Pollock)

Kutlay Keco

Michael Knowles

Safir Nadir