Committee Members

The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone


Chairman: Philip Lloyd


Vice-Chairman: Hatice Kerimgil


Secretary: Ayten Birkaya


Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Tim Morgan


TRNC Based Activities Organiser: Debbie Bird


Other Committee Members:

  • Paul Moody
  • Gözde Bilir
  • Meral Yilmaz

Association Committee Email Address:


Editor of the TREE Newsletter:

  • Joyce Oxley

Facebook Administrators:

  • Paul Woollaston-Evans
  • Nigel Woollaston-Evans


  • Michael Graham

Discount Provider Organisers:

  • Hatice Kerimgil
  • Meral Yilmaz

Foreign Tours Organiser:

  • Gülter Kuran –