About the ATA

The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone



Sharing Turkish Cypriot Culture and Providing Charitable Support

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Aims of the Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus

The Association is one of the largest non-government organisations in Northern Cyprus. It is non profit making and aims to promote understanding and mutual respect between the expatriate community of all nationalities and the Turkish speaking communities. Membership is open to all people (who can speak English) who reside, either permanently, temporarily or for part of each year, in the TRNC. The Association has important cultural, educational and charitable aims, it also organises social events. Throughout the year (with the exception of July and August) it organises a range of activities such as social gatherings, lectures, seminars, concerts, exhibitions and excursions (These are also open to non-members). Funds raised from these activities together with membership fees are used to fund approved projects within the community.

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus on National Television

Press and Media

The Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus would like to thank the following enterprises and people for the publicity and support they give us for our events

and the many other businesses and individuals who likewise allow us to place our posters in their establishments.

Situated in the Girne Post Office car park our Association maintains and provides a Community Notice Board for use by Girne based charity organisations and associations, plus the general public. Information on our Association can also be found on it.